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Cab Chat Radio Show

How it began

On a sunny summers day in August 2012 I had the mad idea that the London taxi trade needed it’s own radio station.

Speaking to other drivers who all exclaimed that it was a fantastic idea and that I should do it! Note they did not say “we should do it”, no they stated thatI should do it.

Not being the type to back down from a challenge I researched radio and came to the conclusion that the only viable way of giving the trade a radio station was to do it via internet radio and September 2012 saw the birth of London Taxi Radio.

The Podcast

After a couple of years of producing live shows I came to the conclusion that the only way to produce a show that could be made readily available to a large audience of Taxi drivers who serve the Capital City 24 hours per day was as a Podcast.

3rd November 2014 was the day I recorded the first ever Cab Chat Radio Show that was distributed as a podcast. I was pleasently surprised how the podcast was received and the number of downloads that we acheived. Cab Chat became a weekly show until the Pandemic took hold in March 2020.

The Future

Over the past 2 years I have produced shows on an irregular basis but I do aim to bring Cab Chat back as a forthnightly show during May 2022.

Cab Chat was the first Taxi related podcast of its kind in the World and probably the most popular Taxi podcast.

I also have plans to produce a Cabby Uk podcast of my exploits as a working London Taxi driver.